Latest Rollout: 200+ Integrations, Auto-Running Tasks & Keyboard Shortcuts

The latest product updates: we've added integrations for over 200 apps, make it possible for you to automatically run your Automation Tasks and added Keyboard Shortcuts so you can quickly execute all your workflows!

Latest Rollout: 200+ Integrations, Auto-Running Tasks & Keyboard Shortcuts

Connect Rollout to over 200 apps and fully automate your workflows

We're excited to finally announce one of our most requested features ever, integrations with all the tools you use at work! With our new integrations layer, you can trigger workflows when there's an event in one of your tools, e.g. a new employee is hired in Greenhouse or a deal closes in Salesforce.

And you can now run Automation Tasks directly from Rollout, whether that's creating a Jira ticket or provisioning a Google Workspace account. And don't forget, you can reference the outputs of your Automation Tasks likes the Jira ticket number or the Google Workspace email you just provisioned.

We've partnered with Workato to help power the majority of our integrations and added support docs to help you get started. If you ever need help, click on the "Help" button in the navigation bar and reach out to us via the in-app chat widget.

200 new integrations - and counting!
Connect vital apps to your workflows.

Auto-Run your Automation Tasks

Once you've connected to all your tools and added all Automation Tasks, you can finally configure them to run either on schedule or when the previous task is completed. You can use this to chain tasks one after the other, for example, you can use the Zoom integration to generate a new meeting link and then use the Google Calendar integration to schedule a new meeting using that link.

More efficient use of time thanks to automated tasks.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Quickly Build and Run Workflows

We've also added more Keyboard Shortcuts to help you run through your workflows faster. To see the list of shortcuts - open a Workflow or a Workflow Template, the Keyboard Shortcuts menu will appear in your navigation bar, click on this to open the sidebar menu. Some of our favorite shortcuts are for Duplicating tasks (⌘+D) and to Undo any action (⌘+Z).

Shortcuts are not just for VIM!