Latest Rollout: Auto-Scheduled Workflows, Form Triggers & Slack Automation

The latest product updates: we've added several new workflow triggers including auto-scheduling your workflows and public forms. We've also turbo-charged our Slack integration so you can now automatically send Slack messages from Rollout.

Latest Rollout: Auto-Scheduled Workflows, Form Triggers & Slack Automation

Automatically schedule when your workflows run

We've added two new ways to trigger your workflows, the first is Scheduled Intervals which enable you to run workflows periodically at set intervals. Whether you want to run a workflow every year, every week, or the second Friday of every month - use Rollout to pre-schedule when your workflows run. You can use this to schedule your annual or quarterly security reviews, bi-monthly team activities, or collect daily status updates from your teams.

Run workflows at set intervals.

Let anyone trigger your workflow with a form

The second addition to our workflow triggers is Public Forms. You can create a form, share a link to it with anyone on the web, and once they submit a form it kicks off your workflow. Check out our Job Application template to see an example of how you can use Rollout as your job applicant tracking system:

Allow external users to trigger workflows

Rollout also supports an Internal Form workflow trigger which is only available to members of your workspace after they log in.

Send Automated Slack Messages

Rollout already offers a Slack integration where you can get notified of and complete your tasks. We've taken it one step further by enabling you to send automated messages either via the Rollout bot or as yourself. You can use this to message a channel or alert your team directly from Rollout.

Send slack messages as the Rollout bot or yourself.