The Latest Rollout: New Name, Integrations & Share to Web

We've updated our name from Playbook to Rollout! We've also got some great new features out recently including Gmail, Calendar, Zoom and Google Sheets integrations. We've also added the ability to share your workflows to the web!

The Latest Rollout: New Name, Integrations & Share to Web

We've changed our name to Rollout

It's the same product we love - with a refreshed style and a new web address - come visit us at:

On this topic - we've also adopted a new Company Anthem:

Gmail, Calendar, Sheets and Zoom integrations

We're introducing 4 new integrations for your workflows. You can now complete common actions like send an automated email from Gmail, add a row to a Google Sheet or even combine your automated actions: schedule a Zoom meeting and share the join link in a scheduled Calendar event. Head over to the Apps page to explore all the integrations, and expect many more to come!

Share your workflows with the world!

Now you can publish your workflows and share them with anyone on the internet. You can use this to open source your playbooks, share your workflows with others, or embed your workflows in your company wiki or blogs.

Heres an employee onboarding workflow that you can even copy into your workspace:

If you have feedback for us or just want to say hello, send us an email at [email protected]. We always love to chat.


The Rollout Team