Latest Rollout: More Input Types, Right-Click Menus, and Slack Inbox

The latest product updates: we've added several new input types so you can make forms of all sorts, we've added context menus with new functionality and we've taken your beloved inbox and given it a second home in Slack!

Latest Rollout: More Input Types, Right-Click Menus, and Slack Inbox

New fields for your forms!

Forms just got a whole lot better on Rollout! Introducing several new input types so that you're always collecting relevant information from your team.

Check out all the input types available today

Build powerful forms where your users are giving you exactly the information you need and then reuse that data as variables in your workflow:

These form fields will ensure collected info is relevant.

Context is everything

Deleting a task? Adding a new input? Duplicating a row? Do it all faster with our brand new context menus! Right-click on anything when viewing an Active Workflow or a Workflow Template and you'll see a helpful context menu with several options:

Some tasks are just worth duplicating.

Ready, Slack, Go!

Instead of logging in to yet another app, connect Rollout to Slack and you'll be able to see your inbox of tasks directly in Slack. View a summary of any assigned tasks, complete them in Slack or navigate to the Rollout site for more context.

Take control of your tasks right from Slack

In other news...

We've launched a new blog series called Super Operators where we feature expert operators in each field and highlight their learnings and practices. Here is our most recent post on how one Super Operator doubled headcount 2X every 6 months.